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Benefits Of Painting And Wine Classes

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

If you ever wondered should you start Painting & Wine classes here are some very interesting benefits it may bring you. Those classes are so popular because they are great for #Beginners (98% of our attendees haven't touched the brushes since school) equally as for those who love painting and they get us out of our daily routine of the stressful day and bring us joy and happiness on the outside and much more inner benefits for our body and soul. Some of the most important benefits include:

1. Stress Relief - Painting and Wine classes offer massive Stress Relief benefits including helping with depression and anxiety. The creation of #art can provide a catharsis for difficult emotions, a distraction from stressful thoughts and experiences.

2. Improves your Mood and Bring Relaxation - There is no other way to feel after those relaxing classes. We are listening to music, painting, chatting with a friend and having some wine... Can it bring something else than smiles?

3. Grows your Brain's ability to adapt - It's very important to challenge our brains in new ways, learn new skill or form new habits. When we create art, we're helping our brain's ability to adapt and form new neurons. I can hear your brain popping up and new ideas come to life!

4. Good for the Heart - The stress-reducing, mood-boosting aspects of the painting and wine classes make it such a wonderful place to join up with your friends, and leave you wanting more. So the next time you feel like you’re going through a rough patch in life, sign up for a Arts & Wine Class with us. You’ll be so glad you did!

5. Help Socialisation - Painting while enjoying a glass of wine helps attendants relax and engage in conversation with other attendees. Those who attend alone often find it easy to make new friends and those who come with friends find participation is a fun way to strengthen their existing connection. Doesn't matter if you're coming by yourself or grabbed a friend, at the end you'll have much more. We're not a regular class where we're sat like doing our homework - we chat and laugh, paint and sip. If you want - dance :) Phones and selfies are allowed for sharing our success and smiles :)

6. Something special for the Moms - you got Your 2 hours kids-free slot! YOU know what I mean :)

7. Arts & Wine classes will improve your emotional health, boost your self-confidence and strengthen your fine motor skills. Most of our attendees have never painted before and end up with a real masterpiece they hang on their walls. Impressive! 8. Last but not least - The Benefits of #Wine... Oh, well, not even going to start here! Cheers!!!

Many companies also participate in the paint and sip classes as a group because these are excellent opportunities to facilitate team bonding, which leads to further success because of the happy personnel they achieve.

If you’ve ever attended a paint and wine class, you know there’s much more to take away than a beautiful finished product to hang on your wall or make a gift for a friend. Whether you’re painting lover and love sipping on wine or a prospective first-timer, Serendipity Arts & Wine is the perfect place to indulge in your next artistic venture in Chatham, Kent. Book your place from our website or follow us on our Facebook page.


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