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How Kangen Water Helped Us Fight a Virus in 1 day! 💦💦💦

The truth is since they have a Kangen water machine (for 15 months) we haven't got the flu or fever, except for something covid-like last winter, but this also disappeared in 3 days.

What happened last day?

Both me and my little daughter (3 y.o.) suddenly got fever of 38.6, and I was with hellish pain in the sinuses, hot throat, blocked nose and we would both consider worn, without appetite. Later in the evening, my taste and smell sense have even disappeared.

What did I do for myself?

Several times a day I drank about 30 ml of the most acidic Kangen water with ph2.5, waited 1 hour and drank 1 cup of the most alkaline water with ph11.5

Took Ukon turmeric capsules several times a day, homeopathy ABC and homeopathic combination for sinusitis.

We both went to bed with fever. The little one had hot forehead in the night but I didn't wake her up as she was sleeping peacefully.

In the morning she no longer had a fever. I have dropped to 37.4 and I felt like a rag, I drank another glass of the most alkaline water 11.5, the temperature dropped and for the second day I am ok. The sense of smell returns.

In addition, forgot to mention that I filled 2 small bottles with a dropper and drip into the nose 2-3 times a day. I put in 2.5, wait a minute to kill all bacteria and then drip 11.5

I did not apply anything to my daughter with 2.5 and 11.5 water, she only drank ph9.5.

I hope I was helpful. 💦💦💦

We will be happy to share your secrets for a fast recovery!

And feel free to ask us about more info for Kangen Water machines and how to get one.

Have a great day,

Desi 💖


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