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Lice Away
Head Lice Natural Repellent Spray

Head Lice are one of my worst enemies and if you know my bigger daughter''s hair, you would imagine what a cake for lice she is! She's 4 years old and never had a haircut - thick curly hair under her bum ❤️

Each morning I spray her with this Natural repellent and I am happy to say she never caught lice in the nursery, despite the letters we received there were children with lice in her class. Fingers crossed for the future as well :)))

It's homemade and I mix Tea Tree, Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils altogether with Jojoba Oil. That perfect spray bottle is such a great work for misting the oils all over the hair with just 1 spray. Much better than rubbing the hair with my fingers ;)

The bottle is 30ml but with 1 or 2 sprays each morning, it will last forever.

The Lice Away Repellent Spray is for preventing only.

LICE AWAY Head Lice Natural Repellent Spray


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