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PERSONALISED SOAPS - 18g (there are other listings with 50g and 100g soaps)

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These soaps are made from scratch, the old-fashioned way of making cold-process soaps. I hope you will enjoy those Personalised soaps and you will find your favourite ones. If you want to try them, there is a listing for a Sample Box.

You could find a big variety – some are scented, some are not, others are herbal infused, others vegan, exfoliating, enriched with clays, oils and butters, nourishing but most importantly all of them will make your skin healthy and glowing. 


Ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, castor oil, extra virgin olive oil. Enriched with avocado oil, jojoba, hemp oil, and many other oils and butters, as well as herbs. Full ingredient list may be seen on the individual soap listing. 


All natural soaps, no nasty ingredients. There is NO palm oil, not tasted on animals and are eco friendly with paper label.


They are suitable for all skin types, especially Sensitive. My natural soaps are perfect for body & face wash. From newborns to elderly people, your skin will love them. The soaps are assessed and safety certified for safe usage (Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (Cosmetic Safety Assessments) as required by Regulation 1223/2009)


In that Personalised listing, you could choose your type of soap and variety of label, as well as quantity. I could print the labels with your logo as well. Each bar is  approx. 18g:


1. Chamomile & Oats Soap
2. Lavender Dreams
3. Coffee
4. Lady Rose
5. Activated Charcoal
6. Strawberry
7. Beer & Einkorn
8. Sea Weaves
9. Manly Man
10. Bubble Gum
11. Oats & Honey
12. Woodland
13. Goat Milk
14. Calendula & Tea Tree
15. Beer & Hemp
16. Sandalwood
17. Tropical Fire
18. Oriental Blossom


I have many soaps ready but for bigger quantities, please be aware that these soaps need to cure for 4 weeks, so they will need to be purchased on time to allow curing time. Thank you :)

These Soaps are great for Guest Soaps, Travel Soaps, Soap Gift Box, Wedding Favours, Hotel Soaps, Baby Shower Favours, Hen Parties :)

Let me know if you have specific date for the occasion and make sure the order will be on time. Allow up to 1-4 weeks to prepare and ship the soaps. You could choose Mixed variety for faster delivery. 


PERSONALISED SOAPS 18g, Hotel Soaps, Wedding Favours, Baby Showers, Gues


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