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Strawberry scented tin candle

These lovely scented soy candles make the perfect addition to your home. 

The candles come in 50ml aluminium tin. The eco soy wax is not colored and lasts longer when burning, diffusing beautiful aroma in the room, creating relaxing atmosphere for a beautiful and peaceful day. 

Other Scents are available in other listings:

1. Watermelon
2. Fresh linen
3. Caribbean berry and melon
4. Chocolate
5. Tropical
6. Cinnamon Apple
7. Pear & Freesia
8. Vanilla
9. Baby powder
10. Cucumber
11. Summer Fresh
12. Bubblegum
13. Raspberry
14. Rose
15. Pumpkin Spice
16. Sandalwood & Patchouli
17. Banana
18. Green Apple
19. Strawberry

50ml tin size: 
Diameter - 56mm
Depth - 26mm

Burning time approx 15h

Contact me for discount if you want to order more than 10 candles.

STRAWBERRY scented tin candle, 50ml


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