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This website ( is a trading name of Desislava Vasileva and is designed and managed by Desislava Vasileva. In these terms and conditions any reference to “we”, “we’re”, “our”, “ourselves” or “us” refers to Desislava Vasileva and in using this website and/or ordering products from us, you are agreeing to abide by our terms and conditions as set out below.

Our Address: For all correspondence Serendipity Naturals, Desislava Vasileva, 8 Bunkers Hill Road, Dover, CT17 0JJ, United Kingdom.

1. Privacy & Marketing

1.1 Privacy & Cookies

We have a separate Privacy Policy.

1.2 Marketing

We also securely maintain our own marketing database which is solely for our use and it is not sold on to any third parties nor is it used to promote any products/services outside of our direct portfolio. You can opt-in to our marketing at any time by e-mailing us on

2. Order Management

2.1 Registration

Automatic registration is made with your first order.

2.2 Order Timescales

We  have limited product already available for same but we also do make products freshly to order, therefore our products take time to be made. We will always provide an order lead time estimate on our homepage and on your order confirmation. This is an estimate and whilst we use our best endeavours to meet or exceed this estimate on occasions we may not meet this lead-time.

2.2.1 Order Updates All order updates are sent via email where possible. First email sent to confirm your order and a second email send to confirm dispatching. If we need any more information from you, we will contact in between. If you have not heard from us, please don’t worry as we are busy working on your order.

2.3 Ordering

To place an order you must complete your transaction through our secure payment facilities managed by Paypal or WixPay and that your orders are made by the credit or debit card holder and sent to the address registered with the holder.

2.4 Order Confirmation

Once your order has been placed and paid for you will receive an e-mail within minutes. Technology can fail us, albeit rarely, therefore if you have placed an order but you have not had your order confirmation please do let us know.

2.5 Order Fulfilment

Usually it is 1-28 days but We are human and sometimes we do make genuine mistakes, this may result in an order being delayed, or part of an order not being fulfilled. Whilst we cannot be held liable for this, we will do all we can to rectify any mistakes and will contact you immediately if we realise any errors prior to your order being dispatched. As all of our products are made in small batches to ensure ultimate freshness, occasionally something you have ordered maybe unavailable. If this occurs and we have any available replacement products we will do all we can to contact you and offer an alternative product.

2.5.1 Order Refunds.

If a replacement of a missing product  is not acceptable to you, please advise within 48 hours of your delivery and we will arrange a refund.

2.5.2 Product Variance. Whilst we will always maintain the fragrance and ingredients of our products, it is possible for the colour or design of a product to vary (albeit very slightly) however this is the nature of everything being handmade and we accept no liability for faulty or damaged goods in this instance.

2.6 Telephone Orders

Unfortunately we are not able to take orders over the phone. All orders must be placed via our website. 

2.7 Order Amendments

Due to certain system restrictions we are not able to make amendments to your order, but you can email us, whitin 1 hour after the order is placed so we can arrange to cancel your order and create a new one.

3 Quoted Prices & VAT

3.1 Prices

All our prices as stated on our website are in pounds sterling (£), GBP (Great British Pounds) and you will be charged in pounds sterling even if you don’t live in the UK.  We are not VAT Registered and no VAT will be added to your invoice.

3.2 Discounts

We do offer discounts for Wholesale but Wholesale accounts can't use the bonus discount system, which the website generates with each order.

3.3 Recommend Retail Price (RRP)

We do not stipulate an RRP for our products, however we recommend a minimum of a 100% mark-up. Therefore, if you purchase a product from us for £2.50 we believe you should be able to sell this product in the retail market for £5.00

4 Cancellations & Returns

4.1 Cancellations

All orders placed  with us are legally binding, therefore if you do wish to cancel an order, please email us on whitin 1 hour of placing the order so that we can cancel it. Orders cannot be cancelled after 1 hour of placing.

4.1.1 Cancellation Refunds

We reserve the right to impose a reasonable fee for the processing of any refund where a cancellation of an order is made, we will only do this where a charge to process a refund is past to us by our payment provider SagePay/Elavon Merchant Services. For transparency these fees vary depending on the card you use to place your order; Visa Debit – 1.18% of the full transaction value Mastercard Debit – £0.58p unlimited value Credit Card – 3.98% We will inform you at the point you request a cancellation of the fee associated and allow you to make the decision as to whether you wish to continue with the refund or allow the order to be processed under our usual terms and conditions.

4.2 Returns

Once an order has been dispatched we will only be able to refund you upon receipt of the returned items. If you want to return your order to us it must reach us within 7 working days from the day after the day you received it.  Once received we will process your refund within 7 days of receiving your return and cancellation advice.

4.2.1 Please be aware that some goods are not eligible for return once opened due to risk of contamination.

4.2.2 Please note that if you are returning the goods because you have changed your mind then please be aware we will not be able to refund the postage or the cost incurred for returning the goods. Customer is paying the return cost.

4.2.3 No Personalised products can be returned.

4.3 Damages

If your order is received damaged we would ask that you contact us as soon as possible to arrange a refund, replacement or return. Once again we must stipulate that any returns must be sent to us within 7 days. As all orders are insured in the unlikely event of damage occurring for any reason in transit, we can submit the necessary claim with the appropriate incumbent. In order to instigate a claim we will require notification within 48 hours of the delivery this can be via email, we would also require photographic evidence of the damaged products in the packaging they arrived in. There is no need to return the products to us and in most cases we will issue immediate action to reproduce, credit or refund your order, however in some cases we may need to wait until the claim is investigated. As always we will keep you fully informed of the progress.

4.4 Missing Items

In certain circumstances we will despatch orders with some items missing to either meet deadlines or because certain ingredients were unavailable, see section 2.5. In cases where the wrong products have been received, please contact us we will work with you to resolve the matter.

5. Delivery Information

5.1 Delivery Our delivery charges include a minimum of one re-delivery attempt should you be unavailable to receive the goods on the first occasion. Subsequent to this we may be contacted by our carriers to discuss how we wish to handle further delivery attempts. Where this becomes a chargeable event we will contact you to discuss prior to incurring costs. Please note any agreed costs incurred will be charged to you, in addition to your original order charges. If you decide at this stage to refuse delivery then the order will be returned to us. A minimum surcharge for handling this return of 20% will be deducted from your refund.

6. Liability Confirmation

6.1 Liabilities

We shall not be held liable for any costs for the cancellation of orders, the non delivery of orders or goods within a specified timescale, nor for the cost of the return of goods. Therefore, third party liability is not regarded under our liabilities, this includes associated business running costs, such as rent, bills, marketing services, advertising or other costs including your customer refunds.

We accept no liability for any costs incurred by you in managing your business or promoting your brand.

6.2 Rights We reserve the right to update these conditions without prior notice.

6.3 Changes

We reserve the rights to change or update our product(s) at any time, this may be as simple as a small colour alteration or ingredient update through to an addition or removal of a single product or product line. As our products are handmade freshly to order, some slight variances in colour and design may occur through that process which are outside of our control. We will endeavour to update our website to reflect changes and we will not be held liable for these changes.

6.4 Right of Sale

We reserve the right to provide locality and online marketplace exclusivity as we see fit and therefore any customer seeking exclusivity should be advised to contact us prior to committing to any purchase. 

6.4.1 Refusal of Sale

We reserve the right to refuse sale or to terminate any existing agreement without justification or notice.

6.5 Sales outside of the UK

Our wholesale products are exclusively for sale within the UK only. Exportation to countries outside this region are prohibited and we are unable to act as the product RP outside of the UK and will not be able to assign you as our RP. If orders are placed we will not be liable for refund or return.

6.6 UK SCPN Portal

If you wish to rebrand our products a copy of all label and packaging changes are required to be submitted to us for registration with the UK SCPN (Submit Cosmetic Product Notification) Portal. This is to ensure legality of sale in the UK.

6.7.1. We do not charge for this service.

6.7.2. Labelling

WHITE LABEL option on all products available. 


Please, note - No packaging or labels are included in our wholesale. The prices are for naked products. There are options for packaging and labelling by us, just ask for details and will be calculated depending on your order. Or you can do them yourself for free.


We can either just replace our logo/info with yours and make the labels for you, or you can design your own but you need to strictly follow the labelling rules -

including name of the product,

Ingredients INCI,



Produced by D. Vasileva, Serendipity Naturals, 8, CT170JJ,

Batch number,


and 6 Months of opening symbol.


NO medical claims have to be on the label.


We will provide full info for the products but will need to approve the text before you print the labels and stick them to the products. Your label design is not a subject for approval, only the mandatory text we need to see on it. You can add anything else you like.

You will need to send us the products with the labels on, so that we need to upload them to the Cosmetic Portal for safety selling them in UK.

Please, read full info if you are making your own labels and what exactly you need to do - here.

If you require Labelling by us, we are responsible only for the quality of labels printed for the soaps.

All other labels, especially vinyl labels, should be tested and printed by you and sent physically (cut in shape and on paper) to our address if you need us to place the labels on your products. No refunds or complains would be taken if you have not tested and seen the quality of your label.


All info and requirements will be provided, as text requirements and size of the label. Labels should be approved by us for all the SCPN requirements before you print them. We do not hold any responsibility for your financial loss due to printing not approved labels.

We do not hold any responsibility if you have NOT provided ready printed labels to us and or you have not tested the label yourself, checked it's quality, if it is good-looking to you, readable, colours are correct or suitable for printing, fonts, sizes, labels cut to size, centred or any other issue appears.

If you request us to print vinyl labels for you, you agree to accept them as they are and the way the printing company provides them. We would only send your file to the company and we are not responsible if you are not happy with the quality, colours, font sizes, readability or anything else in the design.

Please, note all labels are placed by hand and we try our best to be centred, however as humans, our hands could tremble or we may not see a slightly tilted label, or we may just like it the way it is, therefore no refunds or complains should be carried after. Feel free to label your products yourself with the next order. They should be perfect.

Keep in mind when labelling soaps that, soaps do shrink with time, even years when curing. Therefore labels may get loose with time. You can either fix them (unglue and glue again or make new labels) This is why we recommend you keep the labels yourself and put them on only when making the sale.

Shrinkage is different to different soaps, depending on the ingredients used. Therefore some may shrink more, other not. That is why labels may seem not on place for some soaps, as they are all different. We recommend to place the labels yourself just before sending the soaps to your customers.

6.7.3. All Relabelling and Rebranding is subject to prior approval and we reserve the right to request amendments to any element of your text, logo, label design, layout or format. Please check with us prior to printing as we will not be liable for your costs.

6.7.4. Batch numbers will be provided with each order. It is the client's responsibility to apply in on the product, label or packaging.

7. Intellectual Property 

7.1 Copyright & Trademarks 
All Products, Pictorial Designs, Website Text and Background Design,  are the express and exclusive property of and Desislava Vasileva and all are protected by the relevant UK copyright and trademark laws. 

Trademarks owned by organisation other than are governed by those organisations.

7.2 Replication of Business

Our business is not to be replicated and you must not set-up your business with similarity in order to attain sales or profit in passing off. Any information is provided and presented to aid our customers with the requisite knowledge to sell products manufactured by us and sold to them is not to be distributed, replicated or used in any way to induce business sabotage or industrial espionage.

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