50% OFF all orders over £1000.
Use code
 WHOLESALE50 at checkout.

35% OFF
all orders over £500.
Use code WHOLESALE35 at checkout.
25% OFF all orders over £300.
Use code WHOLESALE25 at checkout.

20% OFF all orders over £200.
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IMPORTANT: Wholesale discounts include ONLY single products listings!
Boxes and multiple products listings are NOT included and this will result in cancelling your order and placing it again, so please add ONLY single products listing.

*Example: If you need all 7 types of Chakra Salt Bars, you will have to add them one by one and not use the "Set of 7 Chakra Salt Bars" listing, as it already has a discount in it and is not included in the wholesale.

We do offer Wholesale on most of our products. Feel free to contact us for more details, questions and full price list.

What makes us different from the others?
All our products are:

* Safety Assessed (EU/UK Cosmetic Regulations)
* Homemade
* All Ingredients are listed on the labels
* Made from scratch
* No ready-made soap bases full of nasties
* All Natural Ingredients
* Organic Raw and cold-pressed Ingredients
* Palm Oil Free
* Plastic Free (where possible)
* Vegan (99% of the products)
* Not tested on Animals
* Zero Waste

We're looking forward to supply more shops in the UK and Europe.

We also offer Sample sizes of most of the products, making them suitable for Subscription Boxes.

WHITE LABEL option on all products available. We just do cannot label your products and you will have to do it on your own. Link to our labels will be provided if you need to take any info out of them.

Turnaround is between 1-28 days, depending on the quantity and the products you'd like. 
1 day if I have them ready,
1-5 days for Bath Bombs, cosmetics and
1-28 days for Soaps as they need curing time if I have to make them especially for you but I tend to have some amount always ready.