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Sandalwood Rhassoul clay soap

This is a handmade luxury soap made with organic oils and butters to nourish and moisture your skin, keep it healthy and smooth. My soaps are designed to be used for facial and body washing and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. 

What’s inside? A perfect blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Raw Coconut Oil, Unrefined Shea butter, Unrefined Cocoa butter, Castor oil, Rhassoul clay and Sandalwood Essential oil.

Rhassoul clay originates from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It is also known as Red Moroccan Lava Clay. It is formed as a result of natural geothermal processes and volcanic activity and is rich in trace minerals. It contains Silica, Magnesium, Iron, Sodium, Potassium and Lithium. Rhassoul is a clay that is very rich in minerals and is an exceptional ingredient for skin and hair care. 

It leaves the skin soft and silky, healthy and nourished.

• Certified with EU Cosmetic Product Safety Report
• No Palm Oil
• Vegan
• No chemicals and nasties
• Eco friendly with paper label
• Not tested on animals


Expected to be shipped in the end of June
  • Keep well drained to last longer.
    If contacted with eyes, wash throughly with water. It is unlikely but if irritation occurs discontinue use. 

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